What is Voluntourism?

Similar to a volunteer travel trip or volunteer vacation, voluntourism is a way to discover a new country and play an important role in the local community.

What do we offer

Look for voluntourist offers that match your interests, experience or age. We offer different types of programs in interesting locations.

To give or to gain

Many believe that the trip will change the way they think when they return to their homes. However, others are just looking to give something to the others.

History of Voluntourism

History of Voluntourism

A type of tourism which combines traditional travel and tourism with volunteer work. Travelers are given opportunities to contribute money and/or time to causes related to their destinations. The idea of volunteering abroad dates back over a century. In 1909 the British Red Cross set up the Voluntary Aid Detachment. These volunteers joined those from other national Red Cross organizations in Europe and the Middle East to treat soldiers and civilians who were injured during World War I battles.


Mapping Your Volunteer Vacation

Step-by-step through issues to consider as you map out your trip: "Find the volunteer agency that is right for you; record expenses for possible tax deductions; locate airfares with agencies that know international flights; organize your vaccination schedule; organize your to-do list.

Understanding the voluntourism

There is no fixed definition of who is and who is not a ‘volunteer tourist. Volunteer tourism and voluntourism denote shorter-term voluntary work that is not necessarily the sole purpose of the trip.

The personal element of voluntourism

Volunteer tourism seems to fit well with the undoubted growth of life political strategies to help others.

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